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Class Heuristics

    Evaluation and decisions about how much precision to use
    at various stages in computations
relative_significancecls, value: float, baseline: floatstr
        Estimate, in a loose categorical fashion, the magnitude of the quantity "value"
        in proportion to the quantity "baseline".
        Both are assumed non-negative (NOT checked.)
        Return one of:
            "S" ("Small" ; up to 1/2 the size)
            "C" ("Comparable" ; from 1/2 to double)
            "L" ("Large" ; over double the size)
        This method is meant for large-scale computations, and on purpose avoids doing divisions.
        TODO: a Numpy array version of it.

        :param value:
        :param baseline:
        :return:        An assessment of relative significance, as one of
                        "S" ("Small"), "C" ("Comparable"), "L" ("Large")