GraphicLog – Reference

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Class GraphicLog

    To simplify use of HtmlLog and Vue components from within this project
        Return True if this module has been initialized, or False otherwise

configcls, filename, components: Union[str, List[str]], mode='overwrite', extra_js=None, local_files=False, home_rel_path=NoneNone
        Initialize this library
        :param filename:        Name, with FULL path, of the desired log file
        :param components:      Either a string or list of strings,
                                with the name(s) of ALL the Vue.js graphic components that will be used in the log file
        :param mode:            A string with the desired logging mode.  Must be one of:
                                    "overwrite" - if the log file exists, first clear it; otherwise, create it
                                    "multiple"  - each run's output should go into a separate file (consecutively numbered)
                                    (note the "append" mode of the class HtmlLog cannot be used)
        :param extra_js:        Optional string with the name of an "extra" JavaScript file to include
                                    ("extra" refers to the fact that several JS files are already automatically included)
        :param local_files:     If True, local files will be used for the Vue components (see arg "home_rel_path")
        :param home_rel_path:   Relative path from location of *THE LOG FILE* to the Life123's project home
                                    NEW: ONLY APPLICABLE IF local_files=True ; otherwise, it's simply ignored
                                    EXAMPLE: "../../.."

        :return:                None
export_plotcls, data: dict, graphic_component: str, print_notification=TrueNone
        Send a Vue-based plot to the log file

        :param data:                A python dictionary of data to pass to the Vue component
        :param graphic_component:   A string with the name of the existing Vue.js component to use.
                                        EXAMPLE: "vue_curves_4" (assuming that a js file with such a component exists)
        :param print_notification:  If True, something is printed to inform of what's happening with the log file
        :return:                    None