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Life123 : Dynamical Modeling of Biological Systems
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1-click Live Demo

Trying out a live demo version of Life123 is as simple as, of course, 1-2-3 !

  1. CLICK HERE (it will fire up a temporary hosted JupyterLab environment; it'll take roughly a minute)

  2. Say Cancel when asked to include "jupyterlab-dash" in the build :

  3. Explore the Jupyter notebooks in the experiments folder, and re-run/modify any, as you wish. (Annotated list of all notebooks.) Note: nothing will get saved; it's all temporary.
    For more guidance, see our short overview video.

Alternative: if you just want to see a rendered (but not live) version of the Jupyter notebooks, including their graphical outputs, you may simply browse the Experiments Page (annotated list of all notebooks.)