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Life123 : Dynamical Modeling of Biological Systems
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Contact Life123's lead author, or post on the Micro-blogging and Discussions page.


Micro-blogging and Discussions

This is an open call to researchers, academicians, computer scientists, students, colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry, doctors, philanthropists, members of the public.

For example, in the Longevity-Science community, which I've been active in - and at times working in - for a number of years, I hear a lot of "how can I help?"  Well, here's a way!

Do you have specific skills, such as those detailed in the next section?

Or do you have access to:

We need you in all of the above scenarios, and more!  Help us design, implement, test, refine and run the simulations and the platform to scale.


This project went public in March 2022 (announcement), and has been scaling up ever since.

We expect to start a Discord channel and other outreach at a later date.   For now, blogging and all discussion will take place here – or contact Life123's lead author.

To see how the project is shaping up, and its status as of June 2024, please check the History page.

Life123 has an open-source sister project focused on graph databases and knowledge graphs.

Thanks, and welcome to the community!

Project Needs

Micro-blogging and Discussions

The above is a ROUGH, INCOMPLETE listing. Please use the Discussions page, or the CONTACT link at the top, to introduce yourself...

Special Instructions for Software Developers

If your contribution involves software, we recommend the following process:

We can't guarantee that we'll accept pull requests, and may ask you to make some changes before they go in.

It's generally best to check with us first, about what you have in mind.