Life123 : Dynamical Modeling of Biological Systems
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    A PLATFORM for SYSTEMS BIOLOGY (Dynamical Modeling)

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A growing set of tools to wrestle the complications of numerical solutions to complex dynamical systems, such as cycles and webs of biochemical reactions, optionally with macro-molecules, spatial components and diffusion (plus, upcoming, membranes.)

ONLY 1/2 OF THE BATTLE, is to offer functionality to set up and simulate the system...

The OTHER 1/2 OF THE BATTLE is a battery of tools: A collaboration of software engineering, data science, numerical methods, biochemistry & biology, among other fields

Version History


From experiment macromolecules_1:

Release Beta 28.2

From experiment enzyme_1:

Release Beta 27

From experiment variable_steps_1:

Release Beta 25

From experiment negative_concentrations_1:

Release Beta 24

From experiment impossible_1:

Release Beta 23

From experiment large_time_steps_1:

Release Beta 22

From experiment cycles_1:

Release Beta 21

From experiment down_regulate_1:

Release Beta 20

From experiment cascade_1:

Release Beta 19

Version History